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Kredupay Virtual Credit Card Kredupay Virtuelle Kreditkarte

  • Virtual Mastercard
  • Instant application
  • 25€ starting bonus
  • Up to 3.000 EUR limit

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How do Virtual Credit Cards work?

When it comes to credit cards, everyone thinks of the plastic first. But virtual credit cards are getting more and more popular as an easy way for instant payment, online shopping or as gift cards. With the introduction of easy online payments through PayPal and the like, virtual credit cards with credit limit are an easy way to get going instantly.

With Kredupay Virtual Credit Card you can now own your own personal credit card with online payment limits to order, shop and pay for what you like. The virtual Mastercard is distributed in real time online and works with a preset limit that you can spend in an instant.

Kredupay: Virtual Mastercard Credit Card


Kredupay Virtual Mastercard

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  • Virtual Mastercard Credit Card for online payments
  • Online application and instant use
  • 25€ starting bonus
  • Up to 3.000 EUR limit
  • Works whereever Mastercard is accepted

A virtual credit card is not a physical card and only contains the most important information like the credit card number ( Credit Card Number , CVV or CVC, expiration date). That means that the customer receives the required information digitally through an email and can use the card instantly. Similar to the way a Paypal account can be set up in just a few minutes, a virtual card comes with the same advantages. Furthermore you have a credit limit that you can use, settle and expand depending on your usage of the card. The card often come as online credit cards for shopping and the most common online platforms such as Amazon, Netflix or eBay and the like.

How to start with a virtual VISA? It could look like this:

payVIP Kreditkarte

Virtual VISA Card

  • Name: Falk Martinez
  • Number: 4513 2586 5876 0869
  • CVV: 593
  • Expiration: 09/2022

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How does a virtual credit card look like?

A virtual card is generally just a small set of numbers and information:

  • The credit card number, which is a twelve- to sixteen-digit code which shows the card issues (VISA, Mastercard are the most common, American Express / Amex, JCB and Diner's Club are well known as well), the account number and the CVV or CVC code. The numbers serve as identification and allow you to process payments online. They also allow the payment processor (online shop) to verify they are not fake and that the payment is real.
  • The expiration date of the card usually marked as "Until end“ or "Valid until" in the form of MM/YY.
  • The so called CVC-Code or CVV-Code, which stands for Card Validation Code or Card Verification Code respectively. The VISA CVC and Mastercard CVC is a three or four digit number that serves as another step of verification to ensure ownership of the card.

Credit Cards are quite popular online and one of the most used payment options in the World. If you are based in Germany than a virtual or a Prepaid Card is a good option to get around in your daily life. While Germans mostly pay with cash or the debit card, credit card usage is becoming more common as most banks issue not just debit cards, but also an additional VISA or Mastercard. So if your going to a restaurant, want to pay at a hotel or do some online shopping, cashless virtual payments are more and more the way to go.

Our recommendation: netbank Virtual Credit Card

  • Netbank Virtual Mastercard
  • Online payments with virtual card, number and CVV
  • Instant availability after completion
  • Chargable from any German bank account

Current products: Virtual Credit Cards Germany

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kredupay Virtuelle Mastercard
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  • 25€ Startguthaben
  • Bis zu 3.000 Euro Kreditlimit

How do I generate a virtual credit card?

The virtual credit card can be ordered right on the banks website. Every consumer with an existing German bank account and German residence as well as a clean credit history can get a data set right after. Whereas prepaid credit cards usually come without any credit history check, virtual cards carry a limit and are thus not free of background checks or information on income, residence and the like. Depending on the type of provider you have chosen, higher limits also require a more in-depth verification. Usually every banking institute needs some of the following:

  1. Registering at the bank
  2. Username and password for online banking access
  3. Email or communication information for card info and access
  4. Funding the credit card with cash from an existing account or ATM

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What's the difference between a virtual card and a regular credit card?

A regular credit card is usually a charge card, meaning it has a limit that is set depending on your standing with the bank and your credit history. The bank then sends you an invoice after a month of use which you have to pay, or they use direct debit to charge it from your bank account. A credit card with credit limit usually comes with free monthly fees, but the interest rates for the used credit can be quite high, ranging from 5 up to 20% p.a.

Virtual credit cards have been tailored for online shopping and virtual payments. Whether for buying something on Amazon or charging up your Paypal account, the owner of virtual cards does not need the actual plastic card. In terms of credit, virtual cards can differ substantially. Some offer a free limit included after application whereas others function as virtual prepaid credit cards where you have to first charge up by paying amount X to the card. The benefit of these prepaid cards is that credit checks, including Schufa, can be avoided.

How do I charge an online credit card?

In Germany, every card usually comes with a certain bank account or a reference number where you can transfer funds to and then use the card. Some cards also come with a free limit which allow you to use the card first without charging them. For these cards you are usually paying a yearly fee or standard rates for the interest on the outstanding limit.
If you have a German bank account already, it is quite easy to charge up virtual cards as you can use services such as Sofortüberweisung, Giropay or just traditional bank account transfers which take between 1 and 2 working days in SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).

Advantages of a virtual credit card

  • Online credit card offers safety and reliability as it is much harder to be stolen like the plastic in a wallet. You do however have to pay attention on which sites you enter your credit card information
  • A deposit based card or card based on positive credit balance gives you full cost transparency. If theres no cash, then there are no costs. This makes prepaid cards attractive for younger people, too
  • Flexibility: You can order more than one depending on how you want to use it. Different providers give you different choices for services and names as well.
  • Theyre easy to use when you can link them to popular wallet apps such as Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  • You don't need a new bank account. If you have an existing one, you can just charge up by transfering money to your new card.

Disadvantages of a virtual credit card

Cannot be used for travel

Going abroad or travelling is not the best use for your virtual Mastercard or VISA. While you can book and pay your Hotel online, once you arrive they still might need a physical card for deposits and the like. Therefore the plastic is still needed. You should check out premium credit cards for this purpose, as they offer quite some benefits for travel.

No cash or ATM use, only used for online payments

Since you dont have anything to put inside the ATM, you cant withdraw any cash from those card. You have to stick to online shopping or transfer the deposit you have left to a different account

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Frequently asked questions regarding virtual cards and prepaid credit cards

How do I pay online with a virtual credit card?

All you need is a working credit card number (fake does not really get you far, a CVC code and the expiration date with your name to process a payment. And of yourse there has to be balance or a credit limit on the card

How can I use a virtual card for paying in shops?

Apart from online shops, download portals or Amazon and the like you can use the virtual credit card in an actual brick and mortar store if you use an online wallet like Paypal or Google Pay. Just hold your smartphone to the terminal and the apps will do the rest

How do I charge my virtual card?

Usually you get a reference number or a maybe even an actual bank accoun that comes with your card. Then you can transfer funds to the IBAN, which is the bank routing number and bank account number at once. After funds have arrived, feel free to buy what you like

Is the virtual card anonymous?

Many consumers like the anonymity when paying something online. However with German money laundering laws, you always have to be identified at some point. We recommend you check out prepaid credit cards if you like anonymity

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