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No matter if you need a loan, a credit card or a new bank account, in the best case you don’t want to wait long for the deal. With us, you can get information about Germany’s best financial products, read our reviews and apply online - without paper, pen or tedious paperwork.

3 steps towards your personal loan

Online application

1. Fill out the online application form

Pick up your offer

2. Pick your preferred loan offer

Instant paying out

3. Receive your loan within 24 hours

Quick personal loan calculator and online loan application

Through our easy loan application you can find the loan that best suits your needs. You do not need to sign up to compare different financial products. You only need to choose your desired amount and term. On the basis of information about your person, your profession and your income we will provide you with a loan offer with instant approval.

Immediate processing and fast paying out

We work for you in real time. We work either without proof of income or we ask you to upload it online. Once we provide you with the loan’s terms and conditions, you can sign it online. We want you to save the trip to the post office, that is why we trust on electronic signatures and online identification.

Loans for everyone - even with bad credit

Over 5 millions people in Germany have a bad credit history. Since traditional banks check your SCHUFA entry, your chances of getting a loan are limited. Traditional banks must unfortunately reject you if you have bad credit.

On the other hand, we work with partners that grant loans even in case of a bad credit history. It means that even without Schufa or despite your negative Schufa entry, you have a chance to get a personal loan. If you do not agree to the Schufa query during the online application process, we will process your application without a credit agency.

Credit card comparison, loan calculator and bank accounts

Besides applying for a loan, we provide you with reviews and guides about credit cards, bank accounts and investments in Germany. On our site you can compare different providers and apply online for the best credit card for you. Furthermore, through our loan calculator you can choose the best loan’s terms for you. If you are wondering which the best bank in Germany is, let’s have a look at our reviews and guides.

Our offer: everything you need to know about loans, finance and investments

Loans and credit

Loans and lending

Giromatch offers you cheap personal loans, auto financing or quick small loans. Here you will also find infos about peer-to-peer lending.



Here you can find everything about German trading accounts and investment funds. guides you through alternative investments, crowdlending and co.

Credit cards

Credit cards

Which is the best credit card in Germany? How do virtual credit cards work? Is a prepaid credit card useful? Info and product reviews are available here.

Your advantages with



Instant payment thanks to automated loan processing



Easy online application that saves time and money



Through digital processes, we reduce effort and discrepancies



We have already processed over 700.000 loan applications in Germany, Switzerland and Austria



If our loan offer doesn’t suit your needs, you can send us a new request



You can choose your loan offer according to your preferences

What you need to know about

What is is an online loan platform. We help you to find the best financial product for your needs. We cooperate with banks, investors and other creditors to offer you the best possible loan.

How does the credit application work? 

First, you apply for a loan on our website. Here you can choose your desired loan amount and term and you provide us with information about your household’s account and your profession. After that, you will receive the first individual loan offer. For that we take into account your income situation and the urgency of your request. You will receive the loan's terms and conditions by email. You can then accept our offer online by using our video identification. As soon as all relevant data is available to us, we will pay the money out.

What does “GIROMATCH” mean?

The name “GIROMATCH” is made up of “GIRO” and “MATCH”. “Giro” comes from the Italian language and represents the cycle of money. “Match” is English and means "grouping". This is our mission: we bundle the money cycle on a single.

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