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You need money easily, but don't want to bother with technical terms like "credit rating", "residual debt insurance" or "credit agency"? Then this is the right place for you.

You need a loan but might have had some problems with SCHUFA or another bank? Then this is the right place for you.

You want to buy something now but pay for it later, for example a car, new electronics or new furniture? Then this is the right place for you.

We have individual and uncomplicated solutions that suit you. We work not only with banks, but with fintechs, private lenders, neobanks and many more.

GIROMATCH in the press

GIROMATCH in der Presse Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

GIROMATCH bringt Anleger und Darlehensnehmer direkt zusammen. Bei […] GIROMATCH können Kleininvestoren direkt Kredite finanzieren. Das lockt all jene, die den großen Banken nicht mehr vertrauen und nach renditeträchtigen Geldanlagen suchen.

GIROMATCH in der Presse ZEIT Campus

Wenn jemand Geld anlegen will und ein anderer einen Kredit braucht, bringt GIROMATCH beide zusammen: Die Zinsen des einen sind die Rendite des anderen.

GIROMATCH in der Presse Börsen-Zeitung

Eine Kreditentscheidung in 20 Sekunden, und das bequem von unterwegs und über das Handy - das hat sich das noch recht junge Frankfurter Fintech-Unternehmen GIROMATCH zum Ziel gesetzt.

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Our story

2014: We incorporate GIROMATCH in Frankfurt, Germany. With our slogan "Evolution in Banking" we start building our credit platform.

2016: goes live. First fully digital loans are paid out on our platform. These loans are privately funded and paid out in cooperation with our banking partner.

2017: With a funding round of around € 1.000.000 we start expanding our credit platform. In addition to existing investors, the venture arm of the state of Hesse, Hessen Kapital I GmbH, invests € 500.000 in GIROMATCH.

2018: We are one of the first Fintechs to be named official Fintech-Representative in the Federal Association of German Banks (BDB).

2019: In addition to an office in Vienna, we start brokering loans in Austria and Switzerland.

2020: We launch the GIROMATCH Corona Scholarship unbureaucratically pay out funds students who are affected by the corona crisis.

2021: Wir have brokere loans to over 100 nationalitiesand is available to English-speaking customers all over the EU.

Our business model

GIROMATCH question

Everything we do for you is free. To keep it free, we finance our operations through so-called "affiliate links" and commissions.

This means that if you conclude a loan, open a bank account through us or get a credit card via our platform, we may receive a commission for this.

The commission has no influence on the product or the price you pay for the product. Sometimes you may even receive benefits such as a cashback or rewards for completing it through us.

The commission allows us to continue to offer our platform free of charge to you and to improve our product portfolio.

We have much more to offer you

Flexibler Kredit und Kreditkarte

Exclusive offers and fintech products

A € 50 promotion with a free account. 12% cashback on the iPhone you're about to buy. A refinancing of your credit card at half the previous interest rate.

We're not a bank trying to sell you more loans: With us you receive individual offers and exclusive tips from the fintech community that helps you personally.

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GIROMATCH Scholarship

Every year we give away the GIROMATCH scholarship to students from all over Germany. The scholarship was born in Corona times, when many students were confronted with the loss of their additional income - and the federal government responded with bureaucracy and slow help.

More than 10,000 Euros have been granted as aid through direct scholarship payments or vouchers - and not a cent has to be paid back!

More info and when the next scholarship will be awarded:

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GIROMATCH Stipendium
Jobs und Karriere

Jobs and careers

Our mission is to make credit and finance simpler and more accessible for everyone. To achieve this, we need above all clever minds who work with us to realise this vision.

Whether you are a content genius, a Wordpress developer or a marketing queen: we always need support, because we have no shortage of ideas and possibilities for what we can do!

Become part of our team and see which role suits you:

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